FM94.7 interview with Principal (Aug 7, 2020)

August 17 2020

Credit: Fairchild Radio FM94.7

Terry [FM 94.7]: Welcome to Wing Kei Update! We are happy to have Principal Leung to join us. Principal Leung is principal for the Wing Kei Montessori School. So we know that Wing Kei has been always taking care of seniors, but recently I heard that Wing Kei will also taking care of children? Let’s have Principal Leung introduce us to the Wing Kei Montessori School.

May: Wing Kei Montessori School will be opening on September. We are accepting registrations for children 19 months to 6 years old.

Terry: Principal Leung can you tell us more about your background?

May: My name is May Leung, I graduated in 2008, and then I joined a renowned Montessori School for 12 years. From there, I have accumulated a lot of experience in teaching using the Montessori philosophy. I am really focused on the children’s learning, having been teaching for such a long time. Recently, I had the opportunity to join Wing Kei as a principal and educator to spread the Montessori philosophy further.

Terry: What is the registration like?

May: Our school is licensed for 64 students, but we hope to increase it to 144 students in the future.

Terry: How big is school?

May: Our school is quite spacious, the interior is about 11,000 sq. ft. and outside we have a 3500 sq. ft. playground. We also have 16 designated parking spots for parents to pick up and drop off their children.

Terry: I know the Montessori philosophy is very unique. Can you explain what the philosophy is about?

May: The Montessori philosophy is a way of guiding young children based on their needs for order, sense of security, independence, language, sensorial experiences and most importantly, constructing of the self.

Terry: Can you explain more what the environment is like at the school?

May: The classroom is set up so children can choose what they want to learn. At different stages, each child needs to learn different things, but they will know what and how they want to learn. Every classroom is equipped to facilitate their learning.

Terry: Can you tell us more about the class hours?

May: We have both full and half day options. We can have children come in at 7:30am for early drop off and latest pick up time is at 5:30pm.

Terry: Back to the program, besides English, is there other languages taught?

May: It is primarily English, but we offer activities in Cantonese, Mandarin and French within the program.

Terry: In terms of food, I heard you offer special nutritious meals right?

May: Yes, we have a registered dietitian to help design a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Terry: I have also heard you will be having bible sharing sessions too right?

May: Yes, every week we will have a bible sharing session, so children can learn Christian values of Hope, Love and Faith. We will also be having music class as well.

Terry: Principal Leung, can you also explain more about safety and what measures will have in place because of COVID-19?

May: Our school has 24 hours monitoring, and school doors will be locked at all times. The front door has a doorbell with a camera, so only permitted individuals can enter. With regards to the pandemic, we will have all staff and children undergo a temperature screening and health survey. In addition, all staff, teachers and assistants will be wearing masks.

Terry: If listeners would like to learn more about the Wing Kei Montessori, how can they contact you?

May: People can reach through our phone number, (403) 769-1646, or our website at People can book a private tour to visit our facility.

Terry: We know that registration spots are limited, so people should register soon?

May: Yes!

Terry: Today, I would like to thank you Principal Leung for joining us on Wing Kei updates, and I hope you can talk with us again in the future!

May: Thank you!